Parking Lot Maintenance

Power Sweeping

Benefits of Power Sweeping:


Do you need parking lot maintenance?  Should you hire a Sweeping Contractor?  When your businesses sidewalks and parking areas are clean and well maintained, you create a positive impression on your potential customers.  Make sure that first impression is a positive one with a clutter free parking area.  Power sweeping and pressure washing removes loose and stuck-on debris.  It also reduces damage to the pavement caused by abrasive rocks, sand & dirt, which extends the life of your pavement and seal coating.  A clean parking lot also reduces the amount of dirt tracked into your business.

Not only is parking lot maintenance, such as sweeping, and power washing important for your business appearance, it’s also crucial in preventing potential hazards.  For example, a customer or an employee could fall and that could result in costly legal fees.  Also, loose debris often causesthe clogging of storm drains during heavy rains, which could result in minor flooding and possibly property damage.

Choosing the Right Power Sweeping Contractor

When choosing a power sweeping contractor, you want a contractor with a reputation for quality work and quality service. If you are not familiar with the contractors work, ask for a reference list and be sure that the company has the expertise and equipment to handle your job type and size. Ask if they have insurance, and get a copy of the insurance certificate. If the company is not insured, you could be held responsible for any accidents that happen on the job site.

When you hire a power sweeping contractor, ask what the service that they are providing includes.  Also, make sure you understand what can and cannot be accomplished.  You should be quoted a price for the entire job.  Although this may vary some from company to company, here are some common things you should expect:

  • Power sweeping machines pick up dirt and trash, but not liquids or large debris.
  • Power sweepers remove debris, but they do not get stains out of pavement.
  • Debris will begin to accumulate again after the sweeping job is complete.  Discuss this with the sweeping contractor to arrange for a regularly scheduled visit.

Power Washing

power washing

Valley Sweeping provides high pressure, hot power washing services for commercial and residential properties throughout the Rapid City area.  Our units handle grease traps, buildings, sidewalks, and parking areas.

  • We use biodegradable chemicals and permitted water.
  • All our technicians are trained, and pay attention to detail.
  • We clean any over sprayed windows when our services are complete.
  • We can also spot clean graffiti and paint over areas where power washing is not an option.

Our steam cleaning and high pressure washing delivers high quality results on the most common construction surfaces such as concrete sidewalks (natural, stained, and stamped), concrete or tile floors, fountain areas, roof lines, awnings, canopies, exterior signage, trash enclosures, and so many other surfaces.


Valley Sweeping stripes new and re-stripes existing parking lots and drives   Our parking lot painting services also include special lettering and markings, plus the installation of speed bumps or car stops.

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